23 Iterators library [iterators]

23.3 Iterator requirements [iterator.requirements]

23.3.7 Common algorithm requirements [alg.req] Concept IndirectlyCopyable [alg.req.ind.copy]

The IndirectlyCopyable concept specifies the relationship between a Readable type and a Writable type between which values may be copied.
template<class In, class Out>
  concept IndirectlyCopyable =
    Readable<In> &&
    Writable<Out, iter_reference_t<In>>;
The IndirectlyCopyableStorable concept augments IndirectlyCopyable with additional requirements enabling the transfer to be performed through an intermediate object of the Readable type's value type.
It also requires the capability to make copies of values.
template<class In, class Out>
  concept IndirectlyCopyableStorable =
    IndirectlyCopyable<In, Out> &&
    Writable<Out, const iter_value_t<In>&> &&
    Copyable<iter_value_t<In>> &&
    Constructible<iter_value_t<In>, iter_reference_t<In>> &&
    Assignable<iter_value_t<In>&, iter_reference_t<In>>;
Let i be a dereferenceable value of type In.
In and Out model IndirectlyCopyableStorable<In, Out> only if after the initialization of the object obj in
iter_value_t<In> obj(*i);
obj is equal to the value previously denoted by *i.
If iter_­reference_­t<In> is an rvalue reference type, the resulting state of the value denoted by *i is valid but unspecified ([lib.types.movedfrom]).