24 Algorithms library [algorithms]

24.3 Parallel algorithms [algorithms.parallel]

24.3.1 Terms and definitions [algorithms.parallel.defns]

A parallel algorithm is a function template listed in this document with a template parameter named ExecutionPolicy.
Parallel algorithms access objects indirectly accessible via their arguments by invoking the following functions:
  • All operations of the categories of the iterators that the algorithm is instantiated with.
  • Operations on those sequence elements that are required by its specification.
  • User-provided function objects to be applied during the execution of the algorithm, if required by the specification.
  • Operations on those function objects required by the specification.
    : end note
These functions are herein called element access functions.
The sort function may invoke the following element access functions:
  • Operations of the random-access iterator of the actual template argument (as per [random.access.iterators]), as implied by the name of the template parameter RandomAccessIterator.
  • The swap function on the elements of the sequence (as per the preconditions specified in [sort]).
  • The user-provided Compare function object.
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