17 Language support library [language.support]

17.12 Coroutines [support.coroutine]

17.12.3 Class template coroutine_­handle [coroutine.handle] Construct/reset [coroutine.handle.con]

constexpr coroutine_handle() noexcept; constexpr coroutine_handle(nullptr_t) noexcept;
Ensures: address() == nullptr.
static coroutine_handle from_promise(Promise& p);
Requires: p is a reference to a promise object of a coroutine.
Returns: A coroutine handle h referring to the coroutine.
Ensures: addressof(h.promise()) == addressof(p).
coroutine_handle& operator=(nullptr_t) noexcept;
Ensures: address() == nullptr.
Returns: *this.