Annex C (informative) Compatibility [diff]

C.1 C++ and ISO C++ 2017 [diff.cpp17]

C.1.7 [temp]: templates [diff.cpp17.temp]

Affected subclause: [temp.names]
Change: An unqualified-id that is followed by a < and for which name lookup finds nothing or finds a function will be treated as a template-name in order to potentially cause argument dependent lookup to be performed.

Rationale: It was problematic to call a function template with an explicit template argument list via argument dependent lookup because of the need to have a template with the same name visible via normal lookup.

Effect on original feature: Previously valid code that uses a function name as the left operand of a < operator would become ill-formed.
struct A {};
bool operator<(void (*fp)(), A);
void f() {}
int main() {
  A a;
  f < a;    // ill-formed; previously well-formed
  (f) < a;  // still well formed