Annex C (informative) Compatibility [diff]

C.6 C standard library [diff.library]

C.6.1 Modifications to headers []

For compatibility with the C standard library, the C++ standard library provides the C headers enumerated in [depr.c.headers], but their use is deprecated in C++.
There are no C++ headers for the C headers <stdatomic.h>, <stdnoreturn.h>, and <threads.h>, nor are the C headers themselves part of C++.
The C++ headers <ccomplex> ([depr.ccomplex.syn]) and <ctgmath> ([depr.ctgmath.syn]), as well as their corresponding C headers <complex.h> and <tgmath.h>, do not contain any of the content from the C standard library and instead merely include other headers from the C++ standard library.
The headers <ciso646>, <cstdalign> ([depr.cstdalign.syn]), and <cstdbool> ([depr.cstdbool.syn]) are meaningless in C++.
Use of the C++ headers <ccomplex>, <cstdalign>, <cstdbool>, and <ctgmath> is deprecated ([depr.c.headers]).