20 General utilities library [utilities]

20.14 Function objects [function.objects]

20.14.14 Function object binders [func.bind] Placeholders [func.bind.place]

namespace std::placeholders {
  // M is the implementation-defined number of placeholders
  see below _1;
  see below _2;
  see below _M;
All placeholder types shall be Cpp17DefaultConstructible and Cpp17CopyConstructible, and their default constructors and copy/move constructors shall not throw exceptions.
It is implementation-defined whether placeholder types are Cpp17CopyAssignable.
Cpp17CopyAssignable placeholders' copy assignment operators shall not throw exceptions.
Placeholders should be defined as:
inline constexpr unspecified _1{};
If they are not, they shall be declared as:
extern unspecified _1;