20 General utilities library [utilities]

20.15 Metaprogramming and type traits [meta]

20.15.6 Type property queries [meta.unary.prop.query]

Table 53: Type property queries [tab:meta.unary.prop.query]
template<class T>
struct alignment_­of;

Mandates: alignof(T) is a valid expression ([expr.alignof])
template<class T>
struct rank;
If T names an array type, an integer value representing the number of dimensions of T; otherwise, 0.
template<class T,
unsigned I = 0>
struct extent;
If T is not an array type, or if it has rank less than or equal to I, or if I is 0 and T has type β€œarray of unknown bound of U”, then 0; otherwise, the bound ([dcl.array]) of the dimension of T, where indexing of I is zero-based