27 Algorithms library [algorithms]

27.8 Sorting and related operations [alg.sorting]

27.8.4 Binary search [alg.binary.search] binary_search [binary.search]

Let comp be less{} and proj be identity{} for overloads with no parameters by those names.
Preconditions: The elements e of [first, last) are partitioned with respect to the expressions bool(invoke(comp, invoke(proj, e), value)) and !bool(invoke(comp, value, invoke(proj, e))).
Also, for all elements e of [first, last), bool(comp(e, value)) implies !bool(comp(​value, e)) for the overloads in namespace std.
Returns: true if and only if for some iterator i in the range [first, last), !bool(invoke(comp, invoke(proj, *i), value)) && !bool(invoke(comp, value, invoke(proj, *i))) is true.
Complexity: At most comparisons and projections.