25 Iterators library [iterators]

25.6 Stream iterators [stream.iterators]

25.6.4 Class template istreambuf_iterator [istreambuf.iterator] Operations [istreambuf.iterator.ops]

charT operator*() const;
Returns: The character obtained via the streambuf member sbuf_->sgetc().
istreambuf_iterator& operator++();
Effects: As if by sbuf_->sbumpc().
Returns: *this.
proxy operator++(int);
Returns: proxy(sbuf_->sbumpc(), sbuf_).
bool equal(const istreambuf_iterator& b) const;
Returns: true if and only if both iterators are at end-of-stream, or neither is at end-of-stream, regardless of what streambuf object they use.
template<class charT, class traits> bool operator==(const istreambuf_iterator<charT,traits>& a, const istreambuf_iterator<charT,traits>& b);
Returns: a.equal(b).
friend bool operator==(const istreambuf_iterator& i, default_sentinel_t s);
Returns: i.equal(s).