28 Numerics library [numerics]

28.9 Basic linear algebra algorithms [linalg]

28.9.10 Transpose in-place transformation [linalg.transp] Exposition-only helpers for layout_transpose and transposed [linalg.transp.helpers]

The exposition-only transpose-extents function takes an extents object representing the extents of a matrix, and returns a new extents object representing the extents of the transpose of the matrix.
The exposition-only alias template transpose-extents-t<InputExtents> gives the type of transpose-extents(e) for a given extents object e of type InputExtents.
template<class IndexType, size_t InputExtent0, size_t InputExtent1> constexpr extents<IndexType, InputExtent1, InputExtent0> transpose-extents(const extents<IndexType, InputExtent0, InputExtent1>& in); // exposition only
Returns: extents<IndexType, InputExtent1, InputExtent0>(in.extent(1), in.extent(0))
template<class InputExtents> using transpose-extents-t = decltype(transpose-extents(declval<InputExtents>())); // exposition only