20 Memory management library [mem]

20.4 Memory resources [mem.res]

20.4.2 Class memory_resource [mem.res.class] General [mem.res.class.general]

The memory_resource class is an abstract interface to an unbounded set of classes encapsulating memory resources.
namespace std::pmr { class memory_resource { static constexpr size_t max_align = alignof(max_align_t); // exposition only public: memory_resource() = default; memory_resource(const memory_resource&) = default; virtual ~memory_resource(); memory_resource& operator=(const memory_resource&) = default; [[nodiscard]] void* allocate(size_t bytes, size_t alignment = max_align); void deallocate(void* p, size_t bytes, size_t alignment = max_align); bool is_equal(const memory_resource& other) const noexcept; private: virtual void* do_allocate(size_t bytes, size_t alignment) = 0; virtual void do_deallocate(void* p, size_t bytes, size_t alignment) = 0; virtual bool do_is_equal(const memory_resource& other) const noexcept = 0; }; }