32 Regular expressions library [re]

32.8 Class template sub_match [re.submatch]

32.8.1 General [re.submatch.general]

Class template sub_match denotes the sequence of characters matched by a particular marked sub-expression.
namespace std { template<class BidirectionalIterator> class sub_match : public pair<BidirectionalIterator, BidirectionalIterator> { public: using value_type = typename iterator_traits<BidirectionalIterator>::value_type; using difference_type = typename iterator_traits<BidirectionalIterator>::difference_type; using iterator = BidirectionalIterator; using string_type = basic_string<value_type>; bool matched; constexpr sub_match(); difference_type length() const; operator string_type() const; string_type str() const; int compare(const sub_match& s) const; int compare(const string_type& s) const; int compare(const value_type* s) const; void swap(sub_match& s) noexcept(see below); }; }