33 Concurrency support library [thread]

33.4 Threads [thread.threads]

33.4.4 Class jthread [thread.jthread.class] General [thread.jthread.class.general]

The class jthread provides a mechanism to create a new thread of execution.
The functionality is the same as for class thread ([thread.thread.class]) with the additional abilities to provide a stop_token ([thread.stoptoken]) to the new thread of execution, make stop requests, and automatically join.
namespace std { class jthread { public: // types using id = thread::id; using native_handle_type = thread::native_handle_type; // [thread.jthread.cons], constructors, move, and assignment jthread() noexcept; template<class F, class... Args> explicit jthread(F&& f, Args&&... args); ~jthread(); jthread(const jthread&) = delete; jthread(jthread&&) noexcept; jthread& operator=(const jthread&) = delete; jthread& operator=(jthread&&) noexcept; // [thread.jthread.mem], members void swap(jthread&) noexcept; [[nodiscard]] bool joinable() const noexcept; void join(); void detach(); [[nodiscard]] id get_id() const noexcept; [[nodiscard]] native_handle_type native_handle(); // see [thread.req.native] // [thread.jthread.stop], stop token handling [[nodiscard]] stop_source get_stop_source() noexcept; [[nodiscard]] stop_token get_stop_token() const noexcept; bool request_stop() noexcept; // [thread.jthread.special], specialized algorithms friend void swap(jthread& lhs, jthread& rhs) noexcept; // [thread.jthread.static], static members [[nodiscard]] static unsigned int hardware_concurrency() noexcept; private: stop_source ssource; // exposition only }; }