29 Time library [time]

29.11 Time zones [time.zone]

29.11.9 Class time_zone_link [time.zone.link] Overview [time.zone.link.overview]

namespace std::chrono { class time_zone_link { public: time_zone_link(time_zone_link&&) = default; time_zone_link& operator=(time_zone_link&&) = default; // unspecified additional constructors string_view name() const noexcept; string_view target() const noexcept; }; }
A time_zone_link specifies an alternative name for a time_zone.
time_zone_links are constructed when the time zone database is initialized. Member functions [time.zone.link.members]

Returns: The alternative name for the time zone.
Returns: The name of the time_zone for which this time_zone_link provides an alternative name. Non-member functions [time.zone.link.nonmembers]

Returns: x.name() == y.name().
Returns: x.name() <=> y.name().