28 Numerics library [numerics]

28.4 Complex numbers [complex.numbers]

28.4.10 Additional overloads [cmplx.over]

The following function templates have additional constexpr overloads: arg norm conj proj imag real
The additional constexpr overloads are sufficient to ensure:
  • If the argument has a floating-point type T, then it is effectively cast to complex<T>.
  • Otherwise, if the argument has integer type, then it is effectively cast to complex<double>.
Function template pow has additional constexpr overloads sufficient to ensure, for a call with one argument of type complex<T1> and the other argument of type T2 or complex<T2>, both arguments are effectively cast to complex<common_type_t<T1, T2>>.
If common_type_t<T1, T2> is not well-formed, then the program is ill-formed.