23 Strings library [strings]

23.5 Null-terminated sequence utilities [c.strings]

23.5.2 Header <cwctype> synopsis [cwctype.syn]

namespace std { using wint_t = see below; using wctrans_t = see below; using wctype_t = see below; int iswalnum(wint_t wc); int iswalpha(wint_t wc); int iswblank(wint_t wc); int iswcntrl(wint_t wc); int iswdigit(wint_t wc); int iswgraph(wint_t wc); int iswlower(wint_t wc); int iswprint(wint_t wc); int iswpunct(wint_t wc); int iswspace(wint_t wc); int iswupper(wint_t wc); int iswxdigit(wint_t wc); int iswctype(wint_t wc, wctype_t desc); wctype_t wctype(const char* property); wint_t towlower(wint_t wc); wint_t towupper(wint_t wc); wint_t towctrans(wint_t wc, wctrans_t desc); wctrans_t wctrans(const char* property); } #define WEOF see below
The contents and meaning of the header <cwctype> are the same as the C standard library header <wctype.h>.
See also: ISO/IEC 9899:2018, 7.30