Annex D (normative) Compatibility features [depr]

D.13 char* streams [depr.str.strstreams]

D.13.3 Class istrstream [depr.istrstream]

D.13.3.1 General [depr.istrstream.general]

namespace std { class istrstream : public basic_istream<char> { public: explicit istrstream(const char* s); explicit istrstream(char* s); istrstream(const char* s, streamsize n); istrstream(char* s, streamsize n); virtual ~istrstream(); strstreambuf* rdbuf() const; char* str(); private: strstreambuf sb; // exposition only }; }
The class istrstream supports the reading of objects of class strstreambuf.
It supplies a strstreambuf object to control the associated array object.
For the sake of exposition, the maintained data is presented here as:
  • sb, the strstreambuf object.