Annex D (normative) Compatibility features [depr]

D.4 Deprecated volatile types [depr.volatile.type]

Postfix ++ and -- expressions ([]) and prefix ++ and -- expressions ([expr.pre.incr]) of volatile-qualified arithmetic and pointer types are deprecated.
[Example 1: volatile int velociraptor; ++velociraptor; // deprecated — end example]
Certain assignments where the left operand is a volatile-qualified non-class type are deprecated; see [expr.ass].
[Example 2: int neck, tail; volatile int brachiosaur; brachiosaur = neck; // OK tail = brachiosaur; // OK tail = brachiosaur = neck; // deprecated brachiosaur += neck; // OK — end example]
A function type ([dcl.fct]) with a parameter with volatile-qualified type or with a volatile-qualified return type is deprecated.
[Example 3: volatile struct amber jurassic(); // deprecated void trex(volatile short left_arm, volatile short right_arm); // deprecated void fly(volatile struct pterosaur* pteranodon); // OK — end example]
A structured binding ([dcl.struct.bind]) of a volatile-qualified type is deprecated.
[Example 4: struct linhenykus { short forelimb; }; void park(linhenykus alvarezsauroid) { volatile auto [what_is_this] = alvarezsauroid; // deprecated // ... } — end example]