Annex C (informative) Compatibility [diff]

C.3 C++ and ISO C++ 2017 [diff.cpp17]

C.3.9 [except]: exception handling [diff.cpp17.except]

Affected subclause: [except.spec]
Change: Remove throw() exception specification.

Rationale: Removal of obsolete feature that has been replaced by noexcept.

Effect on original feature: A valid C++ 2017 function declaration, member function declaration, function pointer declaration, or function reference declaration that uses throw() for its exception specification will be rejected as ill-formed in this revision of C++.
It should simply be replaced with noexcept for no change of meaning since C++ 2017.
[Note 1: 
There is no way to write a function declaration that is non-throwing in this revision of C++ and is also non-throwing in C++ 2003 except by using the preprocessor to generate a different token sequence in each case.
— end note]