31 Input/output library [input.output]

31.12 File systems [filesystems]

31.12.9 Class file_status [fs.class.file.status] General [fs.class.file.status.general]

namespace std::filesystem { class file_status { public: // [fs.file.status.cons], constructors and destructor file_status() noexcept : file_status(file_type::none) {} explicit file_status(file_type ft, perms prms = perms::unknown) noexcept; file_status(const file_status&) noexcept = default; file_status(file_status&&) noexcept = default; ~file_status(); // assignments file_status& operator=(const file_status&) noexcept = default; file_status& operator=(file_status&&) noexcept = default; // [fs.file.status.mods], modifiers void type(file_type ft) noexcept; void permissions(perms prms) noexcept; // [fs.file.status.obs], observers file_type type() const noexcept; perms permissions() const noexcept; friend bool operator==(const file_status& lhs, const file_status& rhs) noexcept { return lhs.type() == rhs.type() && lhs.permissions() == rhs.permissions(); } }; }
An object of type file_status stores information about the type and permissions of a file.