31 Input/output library [input.output]

31.12 File systems [filesystems]

31.12.13 Filesystem operation functions [fs.op.funcs] Weakly canonical [fs.op.weakly.canonical]

path filesystem::weakly_canonical(const path& p); path filesystem::weakly_canonical(const path& p, error_code& ec);
Effects: Using status(p) or status(p, ec), respectively, to determine existence, return a path composed by operator/= from the result of calling canonical() with a path argument composed of the leading elements of p that exist, if any, followed by the elements of p that do not exist, if any.
For the first form, canonical() is called without an error_code argument.
For the second form, canonical() is called with ec as an error_code argument, and path() is returned at the first error occurrence, if any.
Postconditions: The returned path is in normal form ([fs.path.generic]).
Returns: p with symlinks resolved and the result normalized ([fs.path.generic]).
Throws: As specified in [fs.err.report].