31 Input/output library [input.output]

31.12 File systems [filesystems]

31.12.6 Class path [fs.class.path] Iterators [fs.path.itr]

Path iterators iterate over the elements of the pathname in the generic format.
A path​::​iterator is a constant iterator meeting all the requirements of a bidirectional iterator except that, for dereferenceable iterators a and b of type path​::​iterator with a == b, there is no requirement that *a and *b are bound to the same object.
Its value_type is path.
Calling any non-const member function of a path object invalidates all iterators referring to elements of that object.
For the elements of the pathname in the generic format, the forward traversal order is as follows:
The backward traversal order is the reverse of forward traversal.
iterator begin() const;
Returns: An iterator for the first present element in the traversal list above.
If no elements are present, the end iterator.
iterator end() const;
Returns: The end iterator.