31 Input/output library [input.output]

31.12 File systems [filesystems]

31.12.6 Class path [fs.class.path] Members [fs.path.member] Modifiers [fs.path.modifiers]

void clear() noexcept;
Postconditions: empty() is true.
path& make_preferred();
Effects: Each directory-separator of the pathname in the generic format is converted to preferred-separator.
Returns: *this.
[Example 1: path p("foo/bar"); std::cout << p << '\n'; p.make_preferred(); std::cout << p << '\n';
On an operating system where preferred-separator is a slash, the output is: "foo/bar" "foo/bar"
On an operating system where preferred-separator is a backslash, the output is: "foo/bar" "foo\bar"
— end example]
path& remove_filename();
Effects: Remove the generic format pathname of filename() from the generic format pathname.
Postconditions: !has_filename().
Returns: *this.
[Example 2: path("foo/bar").remove_filename(); // yields "foo/" path("foo/").remove_filename(); // yields "foo/" path("/foo").remove_filename(); // yields "/" path("/").remove_filename(); // yields "/" — end example]
path& replace_filename(const path& replacement);
Effects: Equivalent to: remove_filename(); operator/=(replacement);
Returns: *this.
[Example 3: path("/foo").replace_filename("bar"); // yields "/bar" on POSIX path("/").replace_filename("bar"); // yields "/bar" on POSIX — end example]
path& replace_extension(const path& replacement = path());
  • Any existing extension() ([fs.path.decompose]) is removed from the pathname in the generic format, then
  • If replacement is not empty and does not begin with a dot character, a dot character is appended to the pathname in the generic format, then
  • operator+=(replacement);.
Returns: *this.
void swap(path& rhs) noexcept;
Effects: Swaps the contents (in all formats) of the two paths.
Complexity: Constant time.