24 Containers library [containers]

24.7 Views [views]

24.7.3 Multidimensional access [views.multidim] Layout mapping [mdspan.layout] Class template layout_left_padded​::​mapping [mdspan.layout.leftpad] Exposition-only members [mdspan.layout.leftpad.expo]

static constexpr size_t static-padding-stride = see below;
The value is
  • 0, if rank_ equals zero or one;
  • otherwise, dynamic_extent, if padding_value or first-static-extent equals dynamic_extent;
  • otherwise, the size_t value which is LEAST-MULTIPLE-AT-LEAST(padding_value, first-static-extent).
index_type stride-1 = static-padding-stride;
Recommended practice: Implementations should not store this value if static-padding-stride is not dynamic_extent.
[Note 1: 
Using extents<index_type, static-padding-stride> instead of index_type as the type of stride-1 would achieve this.
— end note]