24 Containers library [containers]

24.6 Container adaptors [container.adaptors]

24.6.7 Class template priority_queue [priority.queue] Members [priqueue.members]

void push(const value_type& x);
Effects: As if by: c.push_back(x); push_heap(c.begin(), c.end(), comp);
void push(value_type&& x);
Effects: As if by: c.push_back(std::move(x)); push_heap(c.begin(), c.end(), comp);
template<container-compatible-range<T> R> void push_range(R&& rg);
Effects: Inserts all elements of rg in c via c.append_range(std​::​forward<R>(rg)) if that is a valid expression, or ranges​::​copy(rg, back_inserter(c)) otherwise.
Then restores the heap property as if by make_heap(c.begin(), c.end(), comp).
Postconditions: is_heap(c.begin(), c.end(), comp) is true.
template<class... Args> void emplace(Args&&... args);
Effects: As if by: c.emplace_back(std::forward<Args>(args)...); push_heap(c.begin(), c.end(), comp);
void pop();
Effects: As if by: pop_heap(c.begin(), c.end(), comp); c.pop_back();