33 Concurrency support library [thread]

33.11 Safe reclamation [saferecl]

33.11.2 Read-copy update (RCU) [saferecl.rcu] Class rcu_domain [saferecl.rcu.domain] General [saferecl.rcu.domain.general]

namespace std { class rcu_domain { public: rcu_domain(const rcu_domain&) = delete; rcu_domain& operator=(const rcu_domain&) = delete; void lock() noexcept; bool try_lock() noexcept; void unlock() noexcept; }; }
This class meets the requirements of Cpp17Lockable ([thread.req.lockable.req]) and provides regions of RCU protection.
[Example 1: std::scoped_lock<rcu_domain> rlock(rcu_default_domain()); — end example]
The functions lock and unlock establish (possibly nested) regions of RCU protection.