19 Diagnostics library [diagnostics]

19.6 Stacktrace [stacktrace]

19.6.4 Class template basic_stacktrace [stacktrace.basic] Formatting support [stacktrace.format]

template<> struct formatter<stacktrace_entry>;
formatter<stacktrace_entry> interprets format-spec as a stacktrace-entry-format-spec.
The syntax of format specifications is as follows:
fill-and-align width
[Note 1: 
The productions fill-and-align and width are described in [format.string.std].
— end note]
A stacktrace_entry object se is formatted as if by copying to_string(se) through the output iterator of the context with additional padding and adjustments as specified by the format specifiers.
template<class Allocator> struct formatter<basic_stacktrace<Allocator>>;
For formatter<basic_stacktrace<Allocator>>, format-spec is empty.
A basic_stacktrace<Allocator> object s is formatted as if by copying to_string(s) through the output iterator of the context.