23 Strings library [strings]

23.3 String view classes [string.view]

23.3.5 Inserters and extractors [string.view.io]

template<class charT, class traits> basic_ostream<charT, traits>& operator<<(basic_ostream<charT, traits>& os, basic_string_view<charT, traits> str);
Effects: Behaves as a formatted output function ([ostream.formatted.reqmts]) of os.
Forms a character sequence seq, initially consisting of the elements defined by the range [str.begin(), str.end()).
Determines padding for seq as described in [ostream.formatted.reqmts].
Then inserts seq as if by calling os.rdbuf()->sputn(​seq, n), where n is the larger of os.width() and str.size(); then calls os.​width(0).
Returns: os