30 Localization library [localization]

30.6 Text encodings identification [text.encoding]

30.6.2 Class text_encoding [text.encoding.class] Overview [text.encoding.overview]

The class text_encoding describes an interface for accessing the IANA Character Sets registry[bib].
namespace std { struct text_encoding { static constexpr size_t max_name_length = 63; // [text.encoding.id], enumeration text_encoding​::​id enum class id : int_least32_t { see below }; using enum id; constexpr text_encoding() = default; constexpr explicit text_encoding(string_view enc) noexcept; constexpr text_encoding(id i) noexcept; constexpr id mib() const noexcept; constexpr const char* name() const noexcept; struct aliases_view; constexpr aliases_view aliases() const noexcept; friend constexpr bool operator==(const text_encoding& a, const text_encoding& b) noexcept; friend constexpr bool operator==(const text_encoding& encoding, id i) noexcept; static consteval text_encoding literal() noexcept; static text_encoding environment(); template<id i> static bool environment_is(); private: id mib_ = id::unknown; // exposition only char name_[max_name_length + 1] = {0}; // exposition only static constexpr bool comp-name(string_view a, string_view b); // exposition only }; }
Class text_encoding is a trivially copyable type ([basic.types.general]).