27 Time library [time]

27.8 The civil calendar [time.cal]

27.8.12 Class month_­weekday_­last [time.cal.mwdlast] Member functions [time.cal.mwdlast.members]

constexpr month_weekday_last(const chrono::month& m, const chrono::weekday_last& wdl) noexcept;
Effects: Initializes m_­ with m, and wdl_­ with wdl.
constexpr chrono::month month() const noexcept;
Returns: m_­.
constexpr chrono::weekday_last weekday_last() const noexcept;
Returns: wdl_­.
constexpr bool ok() const noexcept;
Returns: m_­.ok() && wdl_­.ok().